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Teyrdan Hollands

Griffith Pedigree

A photograph of the Teyrdan (Teirdan) Holland's pedigree page contained in Griffith's Pedigree can be seen by clicking on the link here (courtesy of Flintshire Archives). The physical size of the chart is about A3 and it can be difficult to navigate visually.

As part of my research I have extended the scope of Griffith's original using primary and secondary records where available.

A fully searchable database of this extended pedigree which includes images of some of the source material used can be accessed by clicking here . This version will be more convenient for those looking to find a specific name. Click on "Search" or "Surname Index" as appropriate.

An alternative HTML version extracted from the pedigree can be seen here Click Here which will open a new page in your browser. Just close that page to return here. To start navigating backwards through the descendants of Humphrey Holland, just click on his name. For those who are used to browsing with two tabs open you can easily compare the pedigree and html versions by switching between them.


Teirdan Hall (often also spelled Teyrdan) was located in Llanelian, Denbighshire lying at the bottom of a wooded dell at the foot of ground rising up to the village and churchyard.Just click on the location to bring up a more detailed map which shows Teirdan Hall in the south east quadrant.

Map Showing Position of Llanelian yn Rhos

Teirdan Hall

The name Teirdan or Teyrdan may refer to the position of the house i.e., Ty dan - the house below (the Church). Teyrdan came into the possession of Humphrey Holland the son of Piers Holland of Faerdref by virtue of his marriage to Agnes daughter and heiress of Rhys ap Dafydd ap Howel.


According to W Bezant Lowe in his book The Heart of Northern Wales V2, P 319 (published in 1927);

"The present house is said to be 200 years old, and is situated in a charming wooded dell at the foot of the rising ground occupied by the church and village of Llanelian.

In the kitchen an oak canopy is fixed by hooks to the ceiling (with a shelf for bread) on the side opposite the fire."

The photograph left is thought to date to c1950.



According to W Bezant Lowe

"Over the door at the back of the house is the following inscription :— Delicias liabet omne suas Et gandia tectum [All the house lias its delights and joys]."

This photograph taken at the same time as the one above shows the Front Door.




This view of Teirdan shows the impact of the "Window Tax" first imposed in England in 1696. Originally introduced to make up for losses caused by clipping of coinage during the reign of William III, the tax was based on the number of windows in a house.

Detractors argued that the lack of windows tended to create dark, damp buildings which were a source of disease and ill-health.

The campaigners eventually won the argument and in 1851 the Act was repealed and replaced by a house tax.


This is the only interior photograph of Teyrdan which shows a fine Oak Chest on the first floor landing.


Family Notes

Pyers Holland, the founder of the Kinmel family, granted to his third son, Humphrey, the property called Teyrdan. In the parish of Llanelian, and in the churchyard is a remarkable raised tomb to this Humphrey Holland which is described in detail here.

From this Humphrey Holland there is an unbroken descent in the male line to John Holland, who married a daughter of John Ellis, of Plas Uchaf ; he died in 1824, and his wife (aged 76) on June 3rd, 1833. The intermediate representatives are connected with the family of Bodelwyddan (1630), of John Price of Rliiwlas (1673), of Robert Davies, of Gwysaney (1717), and of William Kynaston of Lee and Ruyton (1727).

The children of the last John Holland were two co-heiresses, Mary, who in 1805 married John Lloyd Wynn, of Coed Cocli ; and Margaret, who married Simon Yorke, of Erddig.

The Property of Teyrdan went out of the Holland family in the early 19th century due to the lack of a male heir, John Holland having died in 1804.




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