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Most of our Ancestors, unless of the wealthy and famous variety, only get their name in the newspaper via the usual life events of birth, marriage or death. Just occasionally some event or other, which can be happy, sad or even tragic allows us to get a little closer to past events through the columns of the local newspaper.

Gathered below are press cuttings gleaned mostly from the local Chester papers of the time. Just click on the thumbnail to see the clipping and magnify the image if necessary. To see the person within the context of the family tree just click on their name and the family tree will open in a separate browser window.

From the Cheshire Observer in December 1941 this article provides a nice summary for the life of my Great Grand Aunt Annie Onions who lived to be 100 years old. Annie Onions #1
From the Cheshire Observer in December 1950 this cutting provides a similar pen picture to the one above for my Great Grandmother Margaret Holland (nee Thomas) at the time of her 95th birthday. Margaret Holland
The County Herald (Flintshire) 31st December 1915 carried the story from the Inquest of how Evan Holland a Carter was thrown from his horse drawn cart near Flint and killed. Evan Holland
A very battered clipping which relates the story of how my wife's Great Uncle Fred Walker arrived home 38 years after the end of WW1. He had been reported as Killed in Action after the battle of Loos in 1915 Fred Walker #1
Another two clippings from the Cheshire Observer which expands on the story above regarding the return home of Fred Walker It's interesting to note that the Commonwealth War Grave memorial at Loos Memorial still records the death of Fred Walker. The sad epitaph to the story is that after a relatively short time back at home with his family Fred left Chester again and was never to see them again. The date of his actual death is not known. Fred Walker #2
A tragic story reported here related to Joseph Walker the father of Fred Walker mentioned above. Joseph died as a result of taking Lysol poison. This story appeared in the Chester Chronicle published on August 22 1931. Joseph Walker #1
Following on from the story above the Chester Chronicle of August 29th 1931 carried this report of the Inquest into the death of Joseph Walker. Joseph Walker #2
From the Chester Chronicle dated 15th July 1899 comes the very sad report relating to the death of Evan Roberts who was killed at work in a railway accident. Evan Roberts





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