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School Photographs (20th Century)

These very early Chester school photographs are fascinating to look at not just to see the children and teachers style of clothing but also the demeanour of the children and the school buildings they were taught in. It's perhaps sad to see these young expectant faces as they stare out of the photograph at us today but also heartening to think that through the medium of these pages there is still some tangible evidence of their youthful hope and expectation.


  My father Sydney Holland is pictured here looking rather intimidated by the very stern looking School Mistress standing at the rear of the classroom in Bishopsfield Flookersbrook School for Girls and Infants (Westminster Road Hoole). My father later attended All Saints in 1922. All Saints Church of England Boys School, which opened in 1870, was in School Street, Hoole and closed in 1955.
Bishopsfield Flookersbrook School for Girls and Infants, Hoole, Chester C 1918

A playground photograph of my father. His school reports between 1919 1nd 1923 show that the Headmaster of All Saints School was a Thomas J Boughton. Class teachers were noted as being Herbert Wollam, Charles Molyneux and M W Loam.

All Saints Boys School, Hoole, Chester C 1920

This school report for my father Sydney Holland is for the 1922 mid-summer term at All Saints Boys School in Hoole, Chester. He would no doubt be very gratified to know that his first place in the class was still being recognised some 96 years later !

1922 School Report

This photo shows a 1920 school group photo with my Aunt Vera Holland. The school is Hoole and Newton Council School in Claire Avenue, Hoole, Chester which opened in 1912.

Hoole and Newton Council School c 1920
  Holy Trinity, a National school, was opened in Linenhall Street in Holy Trinity parish in 1869. The National schools charged small weekly fees, and a marked increase in the number of very poor children unable to pay led to the formation in 1851 of the Chester Ragged School Society, which recognized the need for free education for poor, orphaned, and neglected children. The school closed in 1939. Photo from Annie Griffith's family collection.
Holy Trinity Girls Group 1 C 1900
  In poor condition this photo of a Chester school from about 1910 appears to show similar surroundings to that above for Holy Trinity School photo from Annie Griffith's family collection.
Unknown Chester School C 1910    

This photo from around 1928 shows my wife's half sisters Nessie, Edie and Olive Griffith at "Olive Street School" in Chester. The school, which was officially called St Michael's with St Olaves in St Olave Street, was opened in 1879 and closed in 1941. I'm reliably informed by their last surviving sister Rene that they are wearing hats known as "Tams" short for Tam 'O Shanters.

Olive St School, Chester c 1928

This photo shows my wife's half sister Nessie Griffith at Olive St School, Chester around 1924.

Olive St School, Chester c 1924

From about 1927 and not looking exactly the happiest campers are Nessie and Olive Griffith pictured again at Olive Street School, Chester.

Olive St School, Chester c 1927

This heavily damaged photograph shows my wife's Uncle, Joseph McMahon at Cherry Grove School, Great Boughton, Chester in about 1928. Cherry Grove school in Cherry Grove Road opened in 1910 as an infants and junior school and is still going strong today.

Cherry Grove School, Chester c 1928

This playground photo shows my wife's Uncle Fred McMahon at Cherry Grove School in Chester about 1927

Cherry Grove School, Chester c 1927
  Another Cherry Grove School photo dating to around 1927 showing my wife's Uncle Fred McMahon.
Cherry Grove School, Chester c 1927
  David Griffith (first bed on left) at Olive Street School circa 1929. It's not known why these children were put in the school yard like this but I can't see it happening today!
Olive Street School, Chester c 1929

This very old school photograph from around 1900 shows a class of all girls with their school master and mistresses. The date can only be guessed at from the girls dresses which are full length and look quite uncomfortable to sit in on a hot summers day. The original photograph revealed very little and it is a testament to Adobe Photoshop that at least we can now see something of those young faces, now long gone, staring out at us.

Faces from the past c 1900
  This photograph shows the Standard 5 Class of mostly boys at Handbridge School, Chester in 1906. Featured in this photo is Thomas Griffith - my wife's father.
Handbridge School, Chester 1906