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Memorials to the Conwy Holland's

St Mary and All Saints Church

Conway (Conwy) Parish Church, founded in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and All Saints,St Mary's Conway was originally the Cistercian Abbey of Aberconwy whose foundations were marked out in 1172 AD. Completed in 1156, the Abbey was formally incorporated into the Cistercian Order. Llewelyn Fawr (the Great) granted the Abbey a charter continuing the gifts and privileges he had bestowed upon it in 1193.

The Parish Church of St Mary and All Saints at Conway has a unique number of memorials to the Holland's, a family for which the Church has associations back to at least the early 15th Century.

Holland associations with St Mary's

Hugh Holland became Vicar in 1535 and died in 1555, the first Vicar of Conway to be have his burial recorded there. He was succeeded by Henry Holland who was in post until 1572. All the memorials pictured below were photographed by me in 2006 with the kind permission permission of Reverend P R Jones. Transcriptions of the memorials are included in the Conwy Parish Registers and highlight what a fund of genealogical information is available for these powerful and wealthy people whose memorials are preserved inside the church building. It is interesting to note however, that the transcriptions occasionally give an inaccurate date. It's no wonder that all the text books say check the original records!

The Memorials

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Located on the south wall of the chancel.

Near this wall lyes interred Cadwalader Wynne Esq. of Voylas by
Denbighshire who was buried on the 6th day of February 1719 aged 79
His first wife was
Mrs Grace Williams 4th Daughter of Sr. Griffith Williams Bart Of
Penrhyn-mawr in Caernarvonshire
by whom he had several Issue
Mrs. Grace Wynne, his second daughter was interred here on ye 2nd of July 1728 aged 56.
His second wife was Mrs Sidney Thelwall 2nd daughter of Colonel Thelwall of Plas-y-ward in Denbighshire, by whom he had two sons.
His third wife was Mrs. Jane Holland
third daughter of Holland Williams Esq. of Conway. She dyed without issue
and was buried here an the 7th Jany. 1747 aged 64
In memory of the above, this Monument is erected by Watkin Wynne Esq. of Voylas 1759

Jane Holland Memorial
Mural Tablet on west wall south transept.

Here Lyeth the body of Edward Holland of Conway Esq. buried the 6th day of Septr 1734 in the 59th year of his age.

Edward Holland
Stone in southeast window of south transept

Here lyeth the body of Mrs Elizabeth Holland daughter of Mr Hugh Holland, who was buried the 20th day of September 1737, aged 19.

Here likewise lyeth the body of her Aunt Mrs Elizabeth Holland, second sister to her brother(*) Mr Hugh Holland who was buried August 12th 1746 aged 71.

Here also lieth the body of Mr Hugh Holland gent. who died June 6th 1759. Aged 79

(*) in the Conway Parish register there is a note to the affect that the word brother appears to have been corrected to Father.

Elizabeth Holland
Raised tomb south east corner of south transept

Here lieth also, the body of Jane Williams, Widow of the above named Robert Williams Esq., and eldest daughter of Edward Holland of Conway Esq. She departed this life Jany. 13th 1780. Aged 65

Jane Williams (nee Holland)
Iron slab on south wall of south transept

Here lieth the body of William Holland Clr. who was interred the V day of May Anno Domini 1703. Annos Natus 26

William Holland
In south-west corner of south transept a raised tomb. On the flat stone at top, under the coat of arms, the three following inscriptions.

Edward Holland armiger posuit hoc memoriale Hollandorum ad requisicoem Hugonis Holland. Ar pris sui Paulo ante obitu qui obiit 13 die Maii A.D. 1584.
By the side of this stone lyeth buried William Williams Esqree., to-gether with his wife Margaret, eldest daughter & heir of William Holland of Marle Esqre. She was interred An. Dom. 1641 & he in June 1673.

Here lyeth the body of Holland son of William Williams and Margaret his wife above mentioned who departed this life the first day of January 1680 annos natus 40           .           .
Willm Holland ar. hoc. fieri fecit in memoriam Edwardi Holland ar. pris sui debuncti 15 die Martii a.d 1601.

On north side of this tomb (not pictured) there are the two following inscriptions.

Visceribus terrae Edwardi sunt corpora clausa
Hollandi Parcae sic voluere nigrae,
Spiritus invitis fatis at regnat in altis,
Quem mors nec tumulus comprimuisse valent.
Corpus ulti terrain, xaudit mens ignea coelis,
Virtutis famae vir mulierque memor.

Translation by T. E. Holland, Esq.
In the bowels of the earth is the body of Edward shut up,
So willed it Holland's black Fates.
But his spirit, in spite of the Fates, reigns on high,
Which neither death, nor the tomb are able to hold in.
As his body goes to earth, so his fiery mind scales the heavens,
A man (and his wife) mindful of the fame of virtue.

Hugh Holland
Tablet on north wall of north aisle

To the memory of Rev Hugh Williams of Conway Nephew of Owen Holland of Conway Esq. and Brother of Holland Williams of Pwllycrochon Esq. He died on the 21st day of March 1809 aged 58. Also to Mary his Wife daughter of the late Henry Playford (aka Hugh Playford) Esq. of Northrepps in the County of Norfolk who departed this life on the 1st Dec 1843 aged 81.

Hugh Williams
To the memory of Silence Holland daughter of Edward Holland Esq. of Conway, who died July 23rd 1812 aged 88. Silence Holland
On the east wall of the north aisle

To the memory of Diana Holland, wife of Owen Holland of Conway Esq . second daughter of Robert Wynne of Garthewin Esq. She was buried on the 7th day of May 1773 aged 47.

To the memory of the above named Owen Holland Esq. who was buried on the 23 day of May 1795 aged 75

To the memory also of Holland Williams of Pwllycrochon who was buried on the 19 day of October 1799 aged 57

Diana Holland
A small tablet on the north wall of north aisle

Sacred to the memory of Jane Holland Erskine Born 25th September 1822 Died 3rd March 1826

Jane Holland Erskine
On the north wall of the north aisle a mural tablet

This tablet is placed here in memory of Sir David Erskine Bart of Cambo N.B and Pwllycrochon, by his affectionate wife J.S.E. He died at Ryde Isle of Wight Jany 29th 1841 aged 48 yrs and was interred at Cambo.

" Calm on the bosom of thy God. Blest Spirit! rest thee now! Ev'n while with us thy footsteps trode, His seal was on thy brow. Dust to its narrow house beneath! Soul to its place on high! They that have seen thy look in death No more may fear to die."

Sir David Erskine
On west wall of south transept

To the memory of Margaret Roberts widow of Rev, Robert Roberts Vicar of Llanrhaiadr and daughter of Edward Holland Esq of Conway. She was buried on the 27th day of August 1810 aged 89 years.

Margaret Roberts
On an iron slab west wall in the south transept

Here lyeth the body of Jane Williams Widdow and Relict of Holland Williams of Conway Esq. Who was interred on the XXXI day of August 1694

Jane Williams
A flat stone on the north part of raised aisle.

Arms: Azure semee fleur-de-lys, a lion rampant arg.

Heare lyeth the body of William Holland of Conway Gent. who dyed the 6th day of December anno dom 1667.

Heare lyeth the body of William Holland gent. and the son of the above named William Holland who dyed the fiefth day of February 1685 aged 18 years.








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