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It's a sad fact that few of the people within our family trees were the subject of published obituaries. The current practice of writing an obituary and publishing in a newspaper only started to become popular in the late 1800's. Not all newspapers carried free obituary notices, and for the less well off it was an expense too far at a difficult time.

Where an obituary exists it can be a rich source of family information often giving names and relationships of mourners to the deceased. The best obituaries will paint a picture of someone that may not have emerged from records left behind and family memories.

The local archives at Chester (and most County Archives) have all the local newspapers from the earliest publication in the 19th century. The obituaries below are those which I have unearthed to date. Hopefully more will follow. Just click on the thumbnail photo to see the full size image or on the persons name to link to their page in the family tree. Where I know the date and title of the newspaper that is included.

Annie Onions Anne Onions

d 27th June 1952
Edwin Holland

Edwin Holland

d 17th Jan 1975

Cheshire Observer 24/1/1975

Eliza Parker

Eliza Parker

d 30th Dec 1965

Cheshire Observer 7/1/1965

Emily Holland

Emily Holland

d 23rd Dec 1968

Cheshire Observer 27/12/1968

Frances Alice Holland

Frances Alice Holland

d 9th Oct 1976

Cheshire Observer 22/10/1976

John Thomas Parker

John Thomas Parker

d 16th Sept 1957

Cheshire Observer 21/9/1957

Katie Holland

Katie Holland

d 30th Dec 1978

Cheshire Observer 19/1/1979

Margaret Holland

Margaret Holland

d 10th Oct 1951

Cheshire Observer 13/10/1951

Minnie McMahon Minnie Walker

d 31st Jul 1965
Nellie Onions Nellie Holland

d 26th Sept 1963
Richard Holland Richard Holland

d 14th Aug 1953
Sydney Holland Sydney Holland

d 11th Apr 1969
Joseph McMahon Joseph McMahon

d 30th Oct 1943
Fred McMahon Fred McMahon

d 3rd Nov 1942
Alfred Griffith Alfred Griffith

d 14th mar 1993
Amy Kilfoyle (nee Painter) Amy Kilfoyle (nee Painter)

d 30th Aug 1998
Lilian Nutbrown Lilian Nutbrown (nee Griffith)

d 19th Mar 1993

Vera May Holland

d 8th Feb 1950

Cheshire Observer 25/2/1950

Arthur Griffith

d 26th Oct 1941
Samuel William Onions

d 17th Dec 1916
Frank Onions

d 8th Jul 1937 (Observer 10/7/1937)
Jessie Onions (nee Trevor)

d 8th Nov 1966 (Observer 18/11/1966)





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