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Principle Family Surnames

The Family Tree primarily includes details of ;

The Holland family - my paternal line
The Bagnall family - my paternal line
The Onions family - my paternal line
The Paddy family - my paternal line
The Carrington family - my Paternal Line
The Thomas family - My Paternal Line
The Parker family - my maternal line
The Dodd family - my maternal line
The Griffith family - my Wife's paternal Line
The McMahon family - My Wife's maternal line
The Holloway family - My Wife's Paternal Line
The Detton family - My Wife's Paternal Line
The Walker family - My Wife's maternal Line

Standards & Good Practice

The Society of Genealogists (SOG) publish guidelines on Standards and Good Practice in Genealogy. In all cases I have endeavoured to work within the principles set out by the SOG on the basis that there is little point in publishing data that will not stand up to scrutiny by others.

There are family history web sites with pedigrees that go back many centuries and link to famous, important and wealthy family names. Not all these pedigrees however, cite where their information came from. The data here, both in my own family tree and other Holland family pedigrees, will include wherever possible the source of information used or include caveats and qualifications as appropriate.

I will be more than happy to receive information which may identify my inclusion of data which does not adhere to these principles.

Sources Used

The information contained in my family tree is based on various sources including;

The HTML based Family Tree

For those who would prefer to scan an index of names the HTML based tree can be accessed by clicking the small red FAMILY TREE SYMBOL here red logo

This HTML tree format also allows you to navigate between the generations. If you use the navigation controls highlighted on the Index page you can navigate around, look at notes and sources (where given) and switch to a "Tree" View" for each individual.

For the vast majority of life events such as Christenings, Births, Marriage and Deaths I hold copies of the original Church or Civil record or have viewed the record and recorded the location and catalogue number for whichever record repository holds it.

Additional Holland surnames in indexes

In the index to the HTML based Family Tree there are a limited number of instances where people with the Holland surname will appear as individuals unconnected with the main family line. These names appear in the index because I have entered them into Family Tree Maker 2019 as unconnected individuals The main reason for doing this is to capture Holland family groups which can be identified from the same parish records that do contain my main Holland family line. Although there is no evidence to suggest there may be a connection I have found it useful to have the names in the index for cross checking purposes.

Caution on data before 1717

For those researching the Holland family name I should say that I have a high degree of confidence in all data recorded in the Family Tree back as far back as the marriage of Owen Holland and Catherine Davies on 12th February 1717. This confidence is supported by various evidence in the form of Parish Records, Wills and other records of the time. All data prior to that is based on best assumptions as there is no convincing evidence yet to link this Owen Holland to the well documented Holland families recorded in Griffith's Pedigrees and elsewhere. I would be delighted to hear from any researchers who do have information on the Holland family around this time. See also Standards and Good Practice above.

Technical Note

I use Family Tree Maker 2019 as the primary software on which I record my research and then export a GEDCOM 5.5 file as the primary source of data for this web site.

For the HTML version of each tree I convert the GEDCOM file with GedHTree Version 2.60.

I'm always ready to hold my hand up when errors occur so will be glad to receive any corrections you may spot.




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