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Overleigh Cemetery Plans


By clicking on the links below you can download photographs of the plans for Chester's Overleigh Cemetery. Used in conjunction with the searchable on-line database provided by Cheshire County Council's Record Office  you should be able to physically locate most grave positions.

Coverage of Plans

The cemetery database covers both the old and new cemeteries which sit on the North & South sides of Overleigh Road in Chester.  Please note that differentiating between grave numbers is quite difficult as a result of the way the original registers were compiled.  There is a considerable amount of overlap of both running numbers and grave numbers.  The best way of determining whether a number refers to the old or new cemeteries is by reference to the ZDCE list which is available in the search room.  If you are not able to visit the search room then a copy can be ordered online through their secure at:

To View

To see the Grave Location Plans in detail you should first click the appropriate link below which will then load the photo as a small and possibly unreadable image in your browser. Depending on your browser you may then be able to zoom in and pan around the plan to locate the grave number you are looking for. If not you may need to download the photo by right clicking with your mouse and then using the "Save picture as" command to save to a folder on your PC for subsequent viewing. The photos are best viewed in a photo viewer which allows you to zoom and pan easily such as Windows Photo Viewer.

Old Cemetery New Cemetery

How to use

If you are having difficulty locating a grave at Overleigh the following tip might be useful.When you have located the general location of a grave using these plans take note of several graves that you can read when visiting the graveyard. Using these known gravestones and the searchable database you will find the location you are after by a process of elimination - hopefully!

It should be noted that these photos were taken by me for my own use. The photo of the New Cemetery (South of Overleigh Road) has some reflections of lights directly above me when taking the photo, As the numbers run sequentially you should have no problem spotting the position of most Grave Numbers. As I stitched together several shots of what are physically very large plans there is some slight distortion of the images in parts.

Please Note

These are necessarily large photos of approx 8Mb for the Old Cemetery Plan and 2Mb for the New Cemetery Plan which will take varying times to appear in your browser depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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