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Victorian & Edwardian Photos 1

The photographs below were left to me by my Nanna, Nellie Onions. On the basis of probability the people shown belong either to the Holland, Thomas, Onion or Paddy families. I'm still trying to work out approximately when they were taken but have included a rough estimate for each based on what clues I currently have. Many of the photographs were contained in a Victorian family album. The dating I have attempted has been on the basis of a very useful website maintained by Roger Vaughan and an equally informative book published by the National Archives by Robert Pols called "Family Photographs 1860 - 1945". I would be particularly interested if anyone viewing them here was able to give a more accurate view. Please contact me on if you can.


Victorian Lady #23

This studio portrait was taken by G Atkinson photographers of Chester who seem to have operated under a franchise from a company called Electric Daylight Studios. The mount shows signs that the photo was originally framed. George Atkinson operated from 82 Northgate Street in Chester and was listed in the Chester Directory for 1893/4 and Kellys 1902 Directory for Cheshire. I date this photo between 1890 and 1900.

Victorian Lady
Victorian Lady #20

This Carte de Visite photograph was taken at the studios of John Edmunds who operated from 14 High Street, Rugby around 1874. Given that the Paddy family I have traced so far originates from Coventry it is possible that this is a photograph of William Paddy's mother Elizabeth who would have been in her late 60's by this period.

C1867 - 1875
Victorian Lady #19
  This is a Carte de Visite Photograph by A M Cromack photographers in Scarborough with no further identifying information.
C 1870 -1885
Victorian Lady #17

This Cabinet photograph is from the studio of Arthur Weston, 84 Newgate Street, London who operated from this address between 1887 and 1896. It's fair to assume this lady either lived in or visited London fairly frequently as another Carte de Visite photo of her in the family album was produced by Palmer & Berretto Studios in Brixton, London.

C 1887 -1896
Victorian Lady #18

This Cabinet Photo is from the studio of J Wheeler at 50 North Street, Horsham in Sussex. It gives further evidence that one branch of the wider Victorian family resided in the South East of England and from the photographs look fairly prosperous.

Circa 1890
Victorian Lady #21

This photograph is from the studio of G Watmough Webster of 33 Bridge Street, Chester. The photographer is listed in the Kelly 1902 Directory for Chester but I have not to date checked over what period he may have operated from this address.

C1895 -1902
Unknown Couple #1

The estimation of the date for this Cabinet photo is a based mostly on the style of clothing worn by the couple.The photo is from the studio of Horace G Pike of Frodsham Street, Chester.

C1875 -1885
Victorian Lady #1
  This portrait on a Cabinet Carte de Visite is from the studio of Philip Phillipe who operated from 31 High Holborn between 1889 and 1894.
C 1889 -1894
Three Ladies

This portrait of three ladies is from the studio of Ebenezer Pannell who operated from 49 St George's Road in Brighton. The Kellys street directory for 1899 has him listed as a Photographic Artist. The mood of the ladies looks solemn and the photograph may be have been taken after a death in the family.

C 1899
Unknown Couple #6

Possibly the oldest photograph in Nellie Onion's Victorian album is this one from the studio of Samuel Rothwell of Douglas on the Isle of Man. There was a family of Holland's living on the Isle of Man at the time of the 1861 Census but so far I have not yet attempted to make a link to the Holland's in my family tree.

C 1863 -1871
Victorian Lady #29

This photograph is from the studio of Edmund Wheeler of Brighton who operated between 1871 and 1901. The Carte de Visite photo would appear to date to the period between 1880 and 1890.

C 1880 -1890
Victorian Lady #14

This Cabinet style Carte de Visite is from the studio of Naudin who operated from 13 The Terrace, Kensington High Street, London between 1884 and 1894.

C 1884 - 1894
Unknown Family #2

This Post Card photograph comes from the studio of Willis Jones of Rhyl, North Wales and appears to date to around 1910.

C 1910
Victorian Lady #7

This Carte de Viste photograph is from the studio of Horace Pike who worked from premises in Frodsham Street, Chester. The date is calculated both by the style of dress and the photo itself.

C 1880
Unknown Family Group

This rather battered Post Card photo would appear to date to around 1910. A candidate for some more professional restoration than I can manage, it shows a lovely (but sadly unknown) family group.


C 1910




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