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As we gather more and more information through our family history research it becomes apparent that there is much more to family history than simply the process of collecting bare facts such as dates for births, marriages and deaths. Whilst the Internet is an increasingly poweful tool for research much of the information about our ancestors can only be accessed through personal family contacts and getting out to visit local archives and libraries.

Where easily accessible online information is not available it is possible to make progress by well planned and carefully executed research. I like to see family history research as less of a "Sprint" but more a "Marathon". What will emerge, with luck, is a picture of a person we may never have met or even heard about prior to researching our family history. The knowledge of who our forbears were, how they lived and often how they died serves to enrich our own understanding of who we are.

On these pages loosely grouped under the sub heading "Family Information" I aim to add short biographies of ancestors, press cuttings, obituaries, and the kind of ephemera that often gets overlooked or thrown away when people die. The use of the internet for publishing our family history provides a unique way to preserve a little of the past for current and future generations.






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