Source for:   Charles Robertson,   ABT Nov 1913 -          Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index: 1913 > Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec

Text:   Charles Robertson, mothers maiden name Griffiths, Chester Vol 8a Page675


Source for:   Olwyn Mary Robertson,   ABT Aug 1917 -          Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index:1917 > Q3-Jul-Aug-Sep

Text:   Olwen Mary Robertson, Mothe'rs maiden name Griffith, Chester Vol 8aPage 515


Source for:   Charlotte Rudge,   ABT 1800 -          Index

General Source:   S124
Page:   Birth Cerificate for Emily Parker date 4/11/1839

Text:   Mother Charlotte Parker maiden name Rudge


Source for:   Frances Pitt Sharp,   29 Oct 1898 -          Index

Christening source:    S109
Page:   Page 24 Entry No 190

Text:   Baptised 24/9/1899 & Born 29/10/1898 Frances Pitt daughter of JohnAlexander Pitt and Susan Sharp of Guilden Sutton a Moulder


Source for:   Alice Thomas,   ABT Nov 1852 -          Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index: 1852 > Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec

Text:   Alice Thomas, Gt Boughton, Vol 8a Page 321

Christening source:    S16
Page:   Page 153 Entry No 1217

Text:   Baptised on 5/12/1852 Alice daughter of Robert & Emma Thomas ofSaltney, Anchor Smith.


Source for:   Emily Thomas,   ABT 1859 - 21 Mar 1863         Index

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Description: Daughter of Robert & Emily Thomas Age: 4 yearsAddress: Saltney Parish: Holy Epiphany Date of Death: 21/03/1863Date of Burial: 24/03/1863 Grave Number: G7383 Page Number: 9Consecrated: True Cemetery Register: DCE/1/1 Running Number: 5399


Source for:   Margaret Thomas,   3 Dec 1855 - 10 Oct 1951         Index

Birth source:    S16
Page:   Page 18 Entry No 139

Text:   Born 3/12/1855 and baptised 1/6/1857 Margaret daughter of Robert &Emma Thoams of Ashton Buildings, Labourer.

Christening source:    S16
Page:   Page 18, Entry No 139

Text:   Margaret daughter of Robert ( a Labourer) & Emma Thomas of AshtonBuildings, Chester. Born 3/12/1855

Burial source:    S59

Text:   Margaret Holland died 10/10/1951 age 96 yrs.

Burial source:    S105
Page:   City Edition Obituary 20/10/1951

Text:   See image.


Source for:   Martha Jane Thomas,   29 Jul 1848 - 14 Oct 1924         Index

Birth source:    S2
Page:   Details for Holloway, Martha Jane

Text:   Age: 75 y Address: High St Parish: Saltney Date of Burial:17/10/1924 Grave Number: R8963 Page Number: 140 Consecrated:True Cemetery Register: DCE 1/8 Running Number: 5201


Source for:   Owen Thomas,   ABT 1807 - 11 Aug 1865         Index

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Description: Anchorsmith Age: 57 y Address: Infirmary Parish: StMartin Date of Death: 11/08/1865 Date of Burial: 19/08/1865Grave Number: G7360 Page Number: 7 Consecrated: True CemeteryRegister: DCE/1/1 Running Number: 7085