Source for:   Lillian Harriet Onions,   29 Sep 1885 -          Index

Christening source:    S90
Page:   Page 7 Entry No 52

Text:   Lillian Harriet Onions Daughter of Samuel William (a Mason) & MaryElizabeth Onions of 89 Philip Street, Hoole, Christened 5/9/1886


Source for:   Lucy Onions,   ABT 1865 - 10 Jun 1894         Index

Burial source:    S2
Page:   Details for Onions, Lucy

Text:   Description: Spinster Age: 29 y Address: 53 Cornwall St Parish:Christ Church Date of Death: 10/06/1894 Date of Burial: 11/06/1894Grave Number: R8003 Page Number: 60 Consecrated: True CemeteryRegister: DCE 1/5 Running Number: 648


Source for:   Mary Elizabeth Onions,   23 Apr 1893 -          Index

Birth source:    S111
Page:   Inside Back Cover

Text:   Mary Onions born 23/4/1883

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index: 1893 > Q2-Apr-May-Jun

Text:   Mary Elizabeth Onions, Chester Vol 8a Page 458

Christening source:    S109
Page:   Page 18, Entry No 137

Text:   Mary Elizabeth daughter of Samuel William & Mary Elizabeth Onions ofHoole was baptised on 7/7/1895. (Occupation Mason)

Residence source:    S111
Page:   Inside Front Cover

Text:   To Mary when she was 13 yrs old 1906, Mary Elizabeth Onions, 89 PhilipStreet, Hoole, Chester.


Source for:   Nellie Onions,   16 Jul 1883 - 26 Sep 1973         Index

Christening source:    S90
Page:   Page 88 Entry No 703

Text:   Nellie Onions Daughter of Samuel William (a Mason) & Mary ElizabethOnions of 89 Philip Street, Hoole Christened 2/9/1883

Burial source:    S105
Page:   5/10/1973 (City Edition) Death Notice

Text:   Died 26/9/1973, buried 3/10/1973.


Source for:   Nora Onions,   26 Mar 1924 -          Index

Baptism source:    S29
Page:   Page 84 Entry No 671

Text:   9/5/1924 Nora daughter of Frank & Jessie Onions, 12 Hoole Lane,Cellarman. Born 26/3/1924.


Source for:   Samuel William Onions,   30 Mar 1856 - 17 Dec 1916         Index

Christening source:    S16
Page:   Page 200 Entry No 1597

Text:   Baptised 4/5/1856 Samuel William son of William & Harriet Onions ofParke Street, Chester, Accountant

Death source:    S112
Page:   Inside Card

Text:   Died 17th December 1916

Death source:    S25
Page:   Edition dated 23/12/1916 (Mf 225/39)

Text:   On 17/12/1916 at 89 Philip Street, Hoole, Chester the beloved husbandof Elizabeth Onions aged 60 years, sadly missed.

Burial source:    S112
Page:   Inside Card

Text:   Interred at Chester Cemetary Dec 22nd 1916


Source for:   William Onions,   ABT Aug 1830 - 30 May 1869         Index

Burial source:    S2
Page:   Internet

Text:   Date of Death: 30/05/1869 Date of Burial: 03/06/1869

Burial source:    S31

Text:   William Onions