Source for:   Francis Morris,   ABT 1859 - 6 May 1888         Index

Burial source:    S2
Page:   Details for Morris, Francis

Text:   Description: Tailor Age: 29 y Address: Princess St Parish: StPeter Date of Death: 06/05/1888 Date of Burial: 09/05/1888 GraveNumber: G9792 Page Number: Consecrated: True Cemetery Register:DCE/1/4 Running Number: 2905


Source for:   Susan Morris,   ABT Apr 1810 - ABT Jan 1886         Index

Baptism source:    S46
Page:   Page 216

Text:   Susan daughter of John Morris & Mary his wife of Tre Bighton wasbaptised on 30/4/1810

Census source:    S66
Page:   Film MF54, HO107/1413, F55, Page 20

Text:   Aged 30 at the time of the 1841 Census


Source for:   Harriett Moss,   ABT 1830 - 14 Nov 1869         Index

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Description: Widow of William Onions Age: 38 y Address: Duke StParish: St Olave Date of Death: 14/11/1869 Date of Burial:16/11/1869 Grave Number: R8193

Event source:    S105
Page:   27/11/1869 Page 5

Text:   Onions - 14th instant Harriet relict of Mr William Onions aged 38 yrs.


Source for:   William Newall,   15 Sep 1841 - ABT Jun 1903         Index

Death source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1983 about William Newall

Text:   Name: William Newall Estimated birth year: abt 1841 Year ofRegistration: 1903 Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun Age at Death:62 DISTRICT: West Derby County: Lancashire Volume: 8b Page: 408


Source for:   Alfred Onions,   ABT Jul 1868 -          Index

Christening source:    S106
Page:   Page 54 Entry No 432 1868 Baptism Register MF 125/2

Text:   Alfred Onions son of William & Harriet, Duke Street, Agent


Source for:   Ann Onions,   ABT Dec 1851 - 27 Jun 1952         Index

Christening source:    S16
Page:   Page 135, Entry 1074

Text:   Ann daughter of William & Harriet Onions, Duke Street, Cabinet Maker,Christened 7/12/1851

Death source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Death Index:1952 > Q2-Apr-May-Jun

Text:   Annie Onions - Age 100, Chester Vol 10a Page 189

Burial source:    S31
Page:   Running Number 11183 DCE/1/10 Microfiche 32/10. Page 76 in GraveRegister

Text:   Anne Onions Age 100 yrs Sealand House. Died 27/6/1952. Buried1/7/1952. Grave R8193.


Source for:   Arthur John Onions,   ABT Sep 1865 -          Index

Christening source:    S106
Page:   Page 45 Entry No 358 1865 Baptism Register MF 125/2

Text:   Arthur John Onions son of William & Harriet, Duke Street, Clerk


Source for:   Arthur William Onions,   2 Nov 1881 - 15 Jan 1948         Index

Christening source:    S104
Page:   Page 42 Entry No 335

Text:   Arthur William son of Samuel William & Mary Elizabeth Onions, StoneMason Christened on 7/12/1881

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Description: none Age: 67 y Address: 34 Williams Street, HooleParish: none Date of Death: 15/01/1948 Date of Burial: 19/01/1948Grave Number: P796 Page Number: 187 Consecrated: True CemeteryRegister: DCE 1/10 Running Number: 9677 Notes: Class: B