Source for:   Elizabeth Holland,   26 Mar 1786 -          Index

Birth source:    S57
Page:   Page 115

Text:   Elizabeth Holland of Holywell daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Hollandborn 26/3/1786. Patrin: Jacob & Margarita - Lancaster


Source for:   Elizabeth Holland,   30 Sep 1795 -          Index

Birth source:    S57
Page:   Page 118

Text:   Elizabetha Holland daughter of Henrici et Annae Holland born30/9/1795. Patrin Ferdinand Krichel & Elizabetha Nangles.


Source for:   Elizabeth Jane Holland,   ABT Oct 1834 - ABT Feb 1835         Index

Birth source:    S58
Page:   Film 564, P69/1/4-9, Page 205, Entry 1647

Text:   Baptised on 3rd November 1834 Daughter of Robert & Susanna

Burial source:    S37
Page:   Page 162 Entry No 1289

Text:   Elizabeth Jane Holland of Coitiau Helig was buried on 11/2/1835 aged 4months.

Baptism source:    S58
Page:   Film 564, P69/1/4-9, Page 205, Entry 1647

Text:   Baptised on 3rd November 1834 Daughter of Robert & Susanna


Source for:   Emily Holland,   ABT Nov 1884 - 23 Dec 1968         Index

Christening source:    S51
Page:   Page 28 Entry 224 Baptisms 1886

Text:   Emily daughter of Thomas Bagnall, a Tailor and Margaret Holland of 62Cornwall Street.

Burial source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Death Index: 1968, Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec, Chester Vol 10aPage 203

Text:   Emily Holland Age 83

Burial source:    S59

Text:   Also Emily daughter of the above died 23/12/1968 aged 83 years -reunited


Source for:   Ernest Mark Holland,   ABT Nov 1921 - ABT Nov 1992         Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index: 1921 > Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec

Text:   Ernest M Holland, Mothers maiden name Entwistle, Bury Vol 8c Page 983

Death source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Death Index: 1984-2004 about Ernest Mark Holland

Text:   Ernest Mark Holland: Birth Date: 19 Sep 1921, Death RegistrationMonth/Year: Dec 1992, Age at death (estimated): 71 Registrationdistrict: Bury Inferred County: Lancashire Volume: 38 Page: 645


Source for:   Evan Holland,   ABT 1853 - 24 Dec 1915         Index

General Source:   S60

Text:   Evan Holland aged 5


Source for:   Florence Holland,   ABT Nov 1884 - ABT Feb 1885         Index

Christening source:    S51
Page:   Page 18 Entry 139

Text:   Florence daughter of Thomas Bagnall, a Tailor, and Margaret Holland of62 Cornwall Street.

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Description: Age: 3 mths Address: Cornwall Street Parish: StOswald Date of Burial: 21/02/1885 Grave Number: G9964 PageNumber: Consecrated: True Cemetery Register: DCE/1/4 RunningNumber: 526 Notes: no reg of grave


Source for:   Frances Elizabeth Holland,   21 Sep 1859 -          Index

Birth source:    S61
Page:   Page 35, Entry No 274

Text:   Frances Elizabeth Holland born 21/9/1859 & Baptised 9/10/1859 daughterof Joseph & Elizabeth Holland the Dale, Labourer