Source for:   Joseph William Hillhouse,   ABT 1883 - 1 Jan 1942         Index

Burial source:    S2
Page:   Details for Hillhouse, Joseph William

Text:   Age: 58 y Address: 25 Grosvenor Street Parish: St Bridget Dateof Death: 01/01/1942 Date of Burial: 06/01/1942 Grave Number:RB182 Page Number: 109 Consecrated: True Cemetery Register: DCE1/10 Running Number: 6512 Notes: Class: B


Source for:   Sylvia Christina Hillhouse,   ABT May 1936 -          Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index:1936 > Q2-Apr-May-Jun

Text:   Sylvia C Hillhouse


Source for:   Albert Edward Holland,   ABT Nov 1886 - 15 Jun 1908         Index

Birth source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, Birth Index: 1886 Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec, Chester Vol 8a Page403

Text:   Albert Edward Holland

Death source:    S36

Text:   Died 15th June 1908 at Chester Infirmary.

Burial source:    S2

Text:   Age: 21 y Address: 53 Cornwall St Parish: Ch Ch Date of Death:15/06/1908 Date of Burial: 17/06/1908 Grave Number: G5596 PageNumber: 170 Consecrated: True Cemetery Register: DCE 1/6 RunningNumber: 4392


Source for:   Alfred Philip Holland,   14 Nov 1927 -          Index

Baptism source:    S29
Page:   Page 138 Entry No 1102

Text:   4/12/1927 Alfred Philip son of Thomas & Frances Alice Holland of 76Kingsley Road, Steelworker. Born 14/11/1927.


Source for:   Ann Holland,   13 Sep 1841 - ABT Mar 1844         Index

Death source:    S15
Page:   England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1983 about Ann Holland

Text:   Name: Ann Holland Year of Registration: 1844 Quarter of Registration:Apr-May-Jun DISTRICT: Holywell County: Denbighshire, FlintshireVolume: 27 Page: 185

Burial source:    S37
Page:   Page 53, Entry No 424

Text:   Ann Holland, Greenfield buried 4/4/1844 aged 2 yrs.


Source for:   Anne Holland,   ABT Oct 1829 -          Index

Census source:    S21
Page:   Film 52A, Ho107/1407, F8, P10

Text:   Aged 12 at the time of the 1841 Census

Occupation source:    S38
Page:   G/B/134/257 14/10/1842

Text:   Anne was provided with apair of shoes in order for her to take a jobin Service.


Source for:   Catherine Holland,   ABT 1852 - 10 Apr 1882         Index

Death source:    S27
Page:   See Image

Burial source:    S27
Page:   See Image


Source for:   David Holland,   ABT Apr 1828 - ABT Jan 1829         Index

Birth source:    S39
Page:   Film 564, P/69/1/4-9, Page 153, Entry 1222

Text:   Baptised on 5th April 1828 Son of Edward & Anne

Baptism source:    S39
Page:   Film 564, P/69/1/4-9, Page 153, Entry 1222

Text:   Baptised 5th April 1828 Son of Edward & Anne

Residence source:    S39
Page:   Film 564, P/69/1/4-9, Page 153, Entry 1222

Text:   Parents living at Glol, Whitford, Holywell at time of Baptism